1-6 September 2019
Asia/Shanghai timezone
The deadline for the ICIS 2019 manuscript submission is extended to September 30. All oral presentations have been uploaded on the page of 'timetable'.

Social Events


Event Date Venue
Welcome Reception Sunday Sep. 1 (pm) Crowne Plaza
Outing Thursday Sep. 5 (pm) Two routes
Conference Banquet Thursday Sep. 5 (pm) Gansu International Convention & Exhibition Center
Lab Tour Friday Sep. 6 (pm) IMP






Conference Outing


The conference outing will take place on Thursday, September 5 in the afternoon. There will be two tour options. One is Gaolan Mountain and Wuquan Park, the other one is Gansu Provincial Museum. Participants should choose one of the two, and are expected to book the tour at the registration desk when they check in for the conference.


Route 1: Lanshan Scenic Area & Wuquan Park

Lanshan Scenic Area is located on the ridge of Gaolan Mountain which constitutes a natural city barrier at the south of Lanzhou. From east to west, the scenic area starts from Laolang Valley to Piba Hill. The park is built along the landscape of the mountain. Taking up an area of 346 hectares, the park’s low point is Piba Hill on the east side of Five Springs Mountain (Wuquan Mountain), while the highest point is Santaige Tower. On the Mountain ridge, there are numerous towers and pavilions strewn here and there, overhanging eaves and red pillars forming a harmonious view. Looking down at the city from the top of Lanshan, tourists can get a panorama of the Yellow River flowing eastward all through Lanzhou.

The Wuquan Park is on the northern side of the Gaolan Mountains situated in the south of Lanzhou, at an altitude of over 1600 meters. It is a famous scenic attraction with more than 2000 years of history. What appeals to tourists are the five springs bubbling up in the park combined with the ancient Buddhist buildings. The temples are harmoniously connected with galleries and pavilions against the backdrop of the mountains. The park is filled with the green bushes and trees, creating a secluded and refined surrounding.


Route 2: Gansu Provincial Museum

The Gansu Provincial Museum (Chinese: 甘肃省博物馆) is a museum in Lanzhou, China. Its collections include over 350,000 artefacts, in two main sections: history and natural science.

A major holding of the museum is the Flying Horse of Gansu, a bronze sculpture from Eastern Han dynasty, around the 2nd century AD. Apart from this, the museum has permanent exhibitions on:


  • Buddhist art
  • Fossils and paleontology
  • Painted pottery
  • Silk Road civilization
  • 'Red Gansu' (Communist Party during the Chinese Civil War)

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