1-6 September 2019
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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Status and perspectives for high intensity uranium beams from the RIKEN 28 GHz ECRIS

4 Sep 2019, 11:00


No. 1 Beibinhe East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Invited oral




For RIKEN radioactive isotope beam factory (RIBF) project, the intense beam of highly charged uranium (U) ion beams was strongly required. Therefore, we tried to increase the beam intensity with 28 GHz RIKEN SC-ECRIS in last decade. For production of stable intense beam, it is obviously important to optimize both the ion source performance and U vapor production. For optimization of the ion source performance, we systematically studied the effect of the magnetic field distributions on the beam intensity of various heavy ions and applied it to produce the intense U beam. To produce U vapor, we chose two methods (sputtering and high temperature oven) and studied the effect of the various parameters (sputtering voltage, rod position, oven power etc) on the beam intensity. In this study, we also observed that the surface condition of the plasma chamber is important to produce intense beam with lower microwave power and lower consumption rate of the materials. Especially, the aluminum chamber plays important role to produce intense beam for long term operation.
 Using these results, we produced ~200 e$\mu$A of U$^{35+}$, 225 e$\mu$A of U$^{33+}$, 300 e$\mu$A of U$^{29+}$ at the microwave power of ~2.5 kW (28GHz+18 GHz). For long term operation (longer than one month), intense beam of U$^{35+}$ ions (120~140 e$\mu$A) was produced for the experiments of RIKEN RIBF project.
 To further increase the RI beam, the production of intense beam (more than 300 e$\mu$A of U$^{35+}$ ion beam) for long term is demanded. To meet the requirement, we have a plan to improve the oven system and ion source.
 In this contribution, I will present the results of the systematic studies and operational experience for production of intense U ion beam with RIKEN 28 GHz SC-ECRIS. The future plan to increase the beam intensity will be also reported.

Category of your contribution Production of highly charged ion beams

Primary authors

takahide Nakagawa (RIKEN) Mr Ohnishi Jun-ichi (RIKEN) Yoshihide HIGURASHI

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