1-6 September 2019
Asia/Shanghai timezone
The deadline for the ICIS 2019 manuscript submission is extended to September 30. All oral presentations have been uploaded on the page of 'timetable'.

Development of a Highly Efficient NEG Pumping System for EBIS

4 Sep 2019, 12:00


No. 1 Beibinhe East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Contributed oral


Sergey Kondrashev (BNL)


Ultra-high vacuum inside the ion trap volume is crucial for stable and reliable operation of an Electron Beam Ion Source (EBIS). We have developed and tested a compact linear pumping system based on ZAO NEG module with high pumping speed and enhanced sorption capacity for all active gases. Due to its minimal transverse dimensions, the system can be mounted adjacent to the ion trap inside superconducting solenoid bore and will provide pumping speed of the order of 1000 l/s for all active gases in that area. An externally supplied current (100 A DC) is used to heat ZAO NEG up to 650 °C for more than 1 hour, which is required for pump activation and/or reactivation cycles. The pumping system is being developed for use in the Extended EBIS Upgrade which is presently in progress at BNL. Design of the system and results of multiple tests will be presented and discussed in this presentation.

Category of your contribution Key technologies for ion sources

Primary authors

Sergey Kondrashev (BNL) Dr Edward Beebe (BNL) Mr Benjamin Coe (BNL) Mr John Ritter (BNL) Trevor Rodowicz (BNL) Robert Schoepfer (BNL)

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